Initiating Group meeting, 13 June 2012


Facilitator: Hank
Scribe: TBD
Note-taker: Kaitlan
Timekeeper: TBD
Feelings Watcher: TBD
Snacks: Potluck!!! (Lori will provide water and juice, plates/cups/utensils/etc.)

1. Check-in
2. Announcements
3. Appreciations
4. Approval of June 4, 2012 Meeting Notes
5. Agenda Review

6. Old Business
a. Review June 4 proposal to define Initiating Group participation
b. Draft constitution (Andrew and Lori)
c. Update on status of TPA Transition Initiative application (Neil)
d. Options for Transition Training (Lori and Neil)
e. High School Outreach (Hank and Kaitlan)
f. Ongoing discussion of group process

7. New Business
a. How to track our business, tasks, discussions, etc. over time (status tracking)
b. Retreat planning (topics, process, etc.)
c. Moving Forward (review/discussion)
— TPA Timeline
— Public Events
— Networking (community, businesses, government, etc.)
— Inventories
— Skill-building
— Pre-planning for the “Great Unleashing”
d. Next meeting date, time and location
e. Next meeting facilitator, snack master, and other roles as needed
f. Adding Kaitlan officially to the IG

8. Take-aways / Next steps
9. Evaluation



Important Dates:
6/19/2012: Teens and Transition: Tuesday at 11am @ Hank’s office.

6/26/2012: Making the shift from initiating group to new core team: 11am @Hank’s office.

6/20/2012: Festival of Transition.

*We as a group feel that Helen should take as much time as she needs away from the group. The calendar has her away until the 20th of July.

Old Business:
A. Review of June 4th proposal to define Initiating Group participation:
“Participation is an organic activity that incorporated the transition principles and those of the Permaculture movement. We acknowledge that it is the role of the initiating group to model these principles.”
(*moved to be incorporated into the charter)

B. Draft Constitution:
-A sampling of Charter will be available at the June 23rd retreat.

C. Update on status of TPA Transition Initiative application:
-Recommended that we have a Resolution of Conflict procedure. *Kaitlan, Nelson, and Neil to work on a Resolution of Conflict Process.

D. Options for Transition Training
-Reach out to Victoria and Port Townsend and possibly set up a training?

(Kaitlan left 19:40……Andrew took over as Note Taker)

Had additional conversation about the outreach, focused on getting contacts at Peninsula College.

6-f Ongoing discussion of group process

It is our feeling that “fun” and “group size” are part and parcel of this topic.

It is the group’s feeling that satisfaction and fun arise as a by-product of getting things done, and moving forward. The Initiating Group isn’t where the party is, we’re the ones throwing the party. Throwing a party is serious business.

Group size:

In order to avoid artificial limits, we do not wish to make an arbitrary limitation on Initiating Group size.

The size of this group will be dictated by the process which we use. Examples: we can’t get business done, because there are too many people; too little business is getting done because there are too few people. Group size should more importantly reflect the greater Port Angeles social make-up, rather than an arbitrarily-chosen size.

It is our desire to have the Initiating Group trust level high enough that quorum definitions are unnecessary.

Trust levels should be a critical weighing factor as to whether or not particular decisions should be made.

Including new voices:
We feel the Initiating Group very much needs new voices from more facets of the Port Angeles community. This is critical for ensuring that this Initiative is well-rounded and reflects the city as best as possible. The 98362/98363 divide is a problem (only 2 people come from 98363). Also, generational and visible minorities representations are very weak in this group. This is not an inclusive list of ways to deal with the diversity of the Initiating Group, but it’s a start.

An important concern for us is to display our own willingness to transition. This is part and parcel of our statement from last meeting that we must model the transition.

(Break, 20:17……Returned, 20:35)

7a How to track our business, tasks, discussions, etc. over time (status tracking)

Lori has created a template spreadsheet to satisfy this item. She will email it out before our next meeting. Item will be deferred until next meeting.

7b Retreat planning (topics, process, etc.)
Part of talking about the location and agenda, we decided that we should change the title of this meeting as a ‘work session’ instead of a ‘retreat. An additional thought arose that we would have a very infrequent (perhaps quarterly) retreat-type meeting. Possible future locations for a retreat is the Unitarian Universalists, as well as the Toad Lilly House.

We will establish a disappearing task force to tackle the work session agenda. Neil & Hank will work on this topic and present an agenda to the Initiating Group. The work session will be catered; Neil will get an estimate from Oven Spoonful for a per-person cost of their service.

7c Moving Forward (review/discussion)

The question of technology arose, especially a projector for the convenience of viewing material off of computers. This would be quite useful for work sessions and retreats, not to mention the regular business meetings. Hank, Neil, and Andrew will work on locating and purchasing a used projecter off of eBay. It would be owned either personally by Hank, or by Hank’s business, but it will be available for use by Transition Port Angeles.

Discussed each point very briefly. They will be all grist for the work session mill. Great Unleashing and Timeline are pre-imagining. ‘Timeline’ as a term was discussed, as implying both arbitrary time choices and a suggestion of linearity. We decided to change the term to “Event Map”.

7d Next meeting date, time and location
Next Wednesday, 20 June, 16:30, at Lori’s home again. Pizza party next week, will be ordered at the beginning of the meeting.

7e Next meeting facilitator, snack master, and other roles as needed
Facilitator: Nelson
Scribe: Neil
Note-taker: Kaitlan
Timekeeper: Andrew
Feelings Watcher: Lori

7f Adding Kaitlan officially to the IG
It’s our concensus that Kaitlan has been added to the group!

This is not the original version of this scribing. It is from 20 June 2012. We weren’t
photographing our scribing at this point.


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