Initiating Group meeting, 2 May 2012


Facilitator: Neil
Scribe: Lori
Note-taker: TBA
Timekeeper: Andrew
Feelings Watcher: Helen
Snack Master: Sissi

1. Check-in
2. Announcements
3. Appreciations
4. Agenda Review

5. Old Business
a. May 10 event
b. incorporation issues

6. New Business
a. options within procedure
b. communication styles
c. next meetings
d. calendar

7. Take-aways/Next steps
8. Evaluation


Andrew has started Twitter and Facebook group! 🙂
Twitter: @TransitionPA
Facebook: Transition PA

Old Business:

A) MAY 10th:
-Senior Center is first choice for venue.
-Legal entity needed (Friends of TPA)
-If there is a cost…pass the plate.
– Present ourselves to the group & ask they ratify legitimacy of IG
-5:30pm (4:30pm reserve the senior center for earlier for set-up)
-Make dishes out of local ingredients
-Invitiation to join Initiating Group
-Table discussion during dinner (informal report)
-Diana is MC and is responsible for setting up “supporting cast”
-Andrew to contact Dave and figure out “Dot Report” and put out table top proposal list, Lori will help
-Newsprint tablecloths

B)Proposal to register Transition PA as a non profit corporation:
-Nelson proposed “Friends of Transition Port Angeles” (concensus reached)
-Helen, Director
-Lori, Secretary/Treasurer
-Not identical to current team, but membership comes from wider TPA
-Friends of TPA is a legal entity….not part of the initial group, continuity will last beyond demise of Initiating Group.

New Business:

A) Deferred options within procedure
B) Deferred communication styles

C) Next Meeting: Monday @5:30pm Vern Burton or Senior Center
-Next Public Meeting: June 7th Provisional
-Meta Initiating Group Meeting: May 16th 5:30pm Location TBA

D) Calendar: Andrew will do availability calendars
-June 20th (summer vacation)


A) Break will be needed after an hour!

B) The meeting process will not be shortened in order to get everything done within any particular time limit.

*Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm*


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