Initiating Group meeting, 20 June 2012


Facilitator: Nelson
Scribe: Neil
Note-taker: Kaitlan
Timekeeper: Andrew
Feelings Watcher: Lori
Snacks: PIZZA!!!

1. Check-in
2. Announcements
3. Appreciations
4. Approval of June 13, 2012 Meeting Notes
5. Agenda Review

6. Old Business
a. Review June 4 proposal to define Initiating Group participation
b. Feedback re: Transition Victoria & Transition Port Townsend–Local 20/20 to help with Transition PA Training (Lori and Neil)
c. Update on making Peninsula College contacts (Nelson & Hank)
d. Discussion re: Work Session 6-23-12 Agenda (planning, topics, process, etc.)
e. Update on “Status Tracking” for TPA activities (Lori)
f. Discussion re: Public Events for July/August/etc…..
g. Ongoing discussion re: adding new members to TPA Initiating Group
h. Acquisition of projector.
i. Reconciliation Process.

7. New Business
a. Event Map
b. Follow-up review/discussion re: Teens & Transition tele-event 6/19/12
c. Next meeting date, time and location
d. Next meeting facilitator + other roles as needed, and a snack plan

8. Take-Aways & Next Steps
9. Evaluation
10. Adjourn


-Training Session at Hank’s office 6/26/12 at 11am
-Minutes to be sent to whole group so that everyone is kept in the loop.
-Catch up on minutes tabled for next weeks meeting.

Old Business:
A ) Review June 4th proposal to define Initiating Group participation:
-Avoid the word organisation so we do not come off as a “Power structure”.
-Motion made: It is the sense of the group that issues regarding participation will be represented in the charter. MOTION APPROVED!

B ) Feedback re: Transition Victoria & Transition Port Townsend—Local 20/20 to help with Transition
PA Training:
-Transition Victoria has a trainer on call and are willing to host a training session whenever we decided on a date.
-Local 20/20 does not have enough information.
-Start planning a training session. Collect interested individuals.

C )Update on making Peninsula College Contacts:
-Nelson talked to the individual in charge of activities. Best to get something ready for the fall.
-Put together a kit for the college so we can pass along information.
-Nelson, Neil, Hank, Kaitlan, and Andrew will work together how they are able.

D )Discussion re: Work Session 6-23-12 Agenda (planning, topics, process, etc.)
-Planning time chunks so that our meeting will be crazy productive!
-9-5 is the time duration for work session with breaks for lunch, tea, and dinner.

E )Update on “Status Tracking” for TPA activities:
-Status spreadsheet is fantastic!!! Although changes can be made if needed.
-Replace “Old business” with “Action Item Review”

F )Discussion re: Public Events for July/August/etc….
-Transition 2.0 Late Thursday in July 19th or 26th
-Tabling Discussion about August until Saturday’s work session
-Should know an exact date by next week’s meeting.

G )Ongoing discussion re: Adding new members to TPA Initiating Group
-Office Hours? People around at a given time to assist interested individuals.
-Possibly at Elwha Heritage Center coffee shop?
-Have it ready before the July event so we can announce it at the event.

H )Acquisition of projector:
-One can be borrowed.
-If one is going to be bought then it has to meet certain requirements

I )Reconcilliation Process:
-Tabled until Monday 26th 4pm
*Conflict Resolution Group will discuss it.
-Table is open to those who are open to the table 🙂

New Business:
A )Event Map:
-Time*less* line
*Tabled till Saturday

B )Follow-up review/discussion re:Teens and Transition tele-event 6/19/12:
-utilizing these individuals intelligence and integrating them into our movement.

C )–Discussed scenarios concept for the August work session
-August work session will focus upon the ‘catastrophic’ scenario.
-Work session will be on 25th August

D )–Nelson will look into Senior Centre as location for next week’s regular business meeting.

E )Roles for next meeting:
Facilitator: Andrew
Scribe: Hank
Note-taker: Kaitlan
Timekeeper: Neil
Feelings Watcher: Lori

*Adjourn* @9:30pm


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