Initiating Group meeting, 23 April 2012


1. Review of the Transition purpose and objectives

2. Review of where we have been, what we need to do next
a. Community Presentations
i. Senior Center presentation will be May 3rd
ii. Schools
iii. Community Groups
b. Suggestions for upcoming meetings
i. Other movies – Power of Community, Crisis of Civilization
ii. Other speakers

3. Begin brainstorming activities for the May 10th community pot luck.
a. Publicity
b. Supplies
c. Needed help with set up and clean up
d. Activities?
i. Music?
ii. Presenter?
e. What is the overall outcome that we want out of this meeting?

4. Begin setting the time line for official launch


Meeting notes for Transition PA – April 23, 2012
Present: Hank, Andrew, Dave, Neil, Diana, and Sissi – Guest Bob Flood
Next Meeting: 5:45pm at Caffeinated Clothiers (133 East 1st St) on Monday, April, 30th.

Meeting Notes

1. Bob Flood was introduced to the group. He was a teacher and school district administrator that worked with Fowler on a library project as well as writing a grant for the pickleball courts at Elks Park.

2. Bob suggested that since we all belong to other groups, we should identify these groups and that may be a way to bridge the gap between extremes of philosophy.
Action item: Identify the groups you belong to – begin our own internal inventory of resources

3. We need to stay away from hot button issues or political issues. Using words like “social experiment” may be a problem.

4. 20/80 rule – we need to energize the 20% to become the change agents.

5. Neil stated that only ¼ of Port Angeles is made up of conservative/logger mentality folks – a vocal minority.

6. We need to clarify our message – Bob said that it needs to be fundamentally clear – with clear definitions.
Action Item: Think about the “branding” for this transition movement. We need to clarify our message around this movement. We came up with “Resiliency, community, grass roots movement, re-localization, sustainable” as words that we might use.

7. Bob talked about getting people to deal with climate change issues by presenting what is really happening today, rather than attempt to tell people the cause of how we got there. People may not agree what caused it, but they will listen and understand the reality of an issue.

8. We briefly talked about trying to set a timeline for launch – just a rough one where we fit in the activities we want to see before launch.

9. May 10th meeting
a. Dave presented an emergency energy scenario that would get people to think about what are their resources and how they might be able to handle an energy emergency. See below for handout.
b. It was mentioned that people might take things too far if the emergency seemed extreme, so the scenario might be something like just one week without electricity due to a solar flair.
c. A positive scenario was discussed and ways to make it more light and fun.
d. Bob thought that an emergency energy scenario was appropriate to help get people thinking.
e. A discussion as to how much “homework” people should get ensued, and it was decided that we would not limit folks in how much they wanted to participate. Some may not want to do this, others may want to really research. Hank said that he had questions, such as where does your water come from, that people may find interesting.
f. At that point we were in agreement to have a scenario and then we discussed the audience that would participate in the community pot luck. Some of us thought that we would need to advertise the meeting widely, but others felt that it should only be opened to the people that had previously participated. Neil rescinded all his agreements. He and Andrew felt that people who had not participated in the previous meetings would not handle well the emergency scenario.

Key Decision: Use a scenario for the meeting

Action Item: Decide on what scenario we will use for the May 10th meeting. The topics will be the ones identified in the circle charts. Create the feedback to the community on the input of the “voting” with dots.

g. How to advertise without purposefully excluding people was discussed.

Action Item: Decide on how and to whom we will advertise for this coming meeting. Who will write the advertisement?

10. Web site suggestions were made and Dave explained that currently there are tabs for all the topics, but we need more input from folks to fill these sections. So far few have added content to the web page

11. Andrew asked the group about Facebook and Twitter – the group agreed to have him open accounts.
Action Item: Andrew will open up Facebook and Twitter accounts for the group

12. Need for structure and governance discussion – Neil stated that so far Sissi has usurped the power of the group by dictating when, where, and how long the meetings should be as well as the content of the community meetings. Both Andrew and Neil objected to the Landing as a place to meet as it was too consumption oriented since the restaurant was still in operation at that time. When asked for an alternative, Caffeinated Clothier was given so our next meeting will be there. Caffeinated Clothier will close during our meeting.
Key Decision: We need a separate and specific meeting to discuss structure and governance of our group.


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