Initiating Group meeting, 27 June 2012


Facilitator: Andrew
Scribe: Hank
Note-taker: Kaitlan
Timekeeper: Neil
Feelings Watcher: Lori
Snacks: Potluck!

1. Check-in
2. Announcements, Transition PA-related
3. Announcements, Transition Network events
4. Appreciations
5. Approval of 20 June 2012 Meeting Notes
6. Agenda Review

7. Deferred Items
a) Old Notes review and approval

8. Ongoing Conversations
a) Review of Teens And Transition tele-event
b) Adding members to Initiating Group
c) Care and feeding of Helpers & Supporters
d) Bridge-building & outreach meetings

9. Action Items Review
a) Review of spreadsheet
b) Review of…
i) Charter
ii) Peninsula College contacts
iii) High school contacts
iv) Reconciliation process
v) Future Transition training
vi) ‘Transition Cafe’ hosting at Elwha or Farmers Market
vii) July public event location & subject
viii) Changing City’s 501(3)(C) requirement

10. New Business
a) Basic plan for ‘Transition Cafe’ format
b) Quick run-through of social media & other online options
c) Feedback on the Making the Shift From Initiating Group to New Core Team tele-event
d) Feedback on the meeting at the Court House
e) 28 June North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation & Development meeting
f) Next meeting date, time, location
g) Next meeting facilitator, other roles as needed, and snack plan

11. Take-Aways and Next Steps
12. Evaluation
13. Adjourn
14. Social & Cleanup


1) Announcements, Transition PA-related:
-Fixing the Future July 18th, 12pm to 11pm.
-Upcoming training on “Non Violent Communication” date undetermined.

2) Deferred Items:
-Old Notes review and approval
*Notes will be posted to wordpress blog.
*To make proof-reading assigning “fun” we will be drawing names out of hat.

3) Ongoing Conversations:
A)Review of Teens and Transition tele-event:
-We will strive to be above age-ism and be inclusive
-If anyone feels that someone is saying something that is problematic they should feel free to voice it.
B)Adding members to Initiatng Group:
-Watch for the individuals who come to the public events. Use that to bring in interested parties.
-Potentials will be asked to come to a few meetings and read the given material so they understand what they are getting into.
C)Care and feeding of Helpers & Supporters:
-Test proposal: Having a membership office.
-Hank will try to contact people.
-Make sure people on mailing list are informed of new website.

4) Action Items Review:
A)Review of spreadsheet:
-Fantastic spreadsheet Lori! 🙂
-A line will be created for the displays that will be used for the “Office Hours” setting.
-Task force for the Office Hours: Andrew, Kaitlan, Neil, Nelson.
B)Review of….
-Additions will be made.
ii)Peninsula College Contacts:
-Nelson has spoken with the people who can help and its going well.
iii)High School Contacts:
– Kaitlan will email John Gallager and also track down the Enviormental Science Teacher from the Skills Center. Also contact Annie about creating a Transition Club.
iv)Reconciliation Process:
-First meeting went very well. Digestion of information is ahead.
v)Future Transition Training:
-Andrew has been accepted by Transition Victoria.
vi)’Office Hours’ hosting at Elwha or Farmer Market:
-Elwha option is good because we want connections to the tribe.
-Wednesday’s at the Farmer’s Market is a great option
-Shelving the Elwha as an option until we hear from Sissi.
-We will move forward with the Farmer’s Market.
vii)July Public event location & subject:
-Showing Transition 1.0 and then Transition 2.0
-Following up on interest and passion for the initiative.
-July 23rd for possible event. 7 to 9.
-August 6th for another possible event date/meeting.
viii)Changing City’s 501(3)(C) requirements:
-Max agrees with the initiative about the unfairness of this rule.
-He is going to bring it up at City Council.
-We will try to have a representative at the Council meeting.

10) New Business:
A) Basic plan for “Transition Cafe” format
-Task force will take care of this task
B) Quick run-through of social media & other online options
-Andrew walked the group through Twitter
-Discussion regarding other forms of Social media that we can use.
C) 28 June North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation & Development meeting.
-Hank wants to go but he also wants others to accompany him.
D) Next Meeting date, time, location
-June 11th 4:30 @the Library.
E) Next Meeting Facilitator, other roles as needed, and Snack plan.
-Facilitator: Andrew
-Scribe: Hank
-Note-taker: Kaitlan
-Timekeeper: Neil
-Feelings Watcher: Lori
-Snacks: Finger food!!!
*Meeting adjourned at 10pm


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