Initiating Group meeting, 4 June 2012


Facilitator: Lori
Scribe: TBD
Note-taker: Kaitlan
Timekeeper: TBD
Feelings Watcher: Helen
Snack Master: Hank

1. Check-in
2. Announcements
3. Appreciations
4. Approval of 14 May Meeting Notes
5. Agenda Review

6. Old Business
a. Proposal to define Initiating Group Commitment in part as: Meeting once per week within an opened-ended time window, and meeting all day once per month in a retreat-type setting. Absent members are kept in the loop informationally and will respect the decisions of those present.

7. New Business
a. how to reestablish momentum after our hiatus
b. retreat date update
c. next meeting date, time and location
d. next meeting facilitator, snack master, and other roles as needed

8. Take-aways/Next steps
9. Evaluation



1) Approval of 14th May Meeting Notes:
-Adjustment of notes to include pictures of charts so that discussions will be easier to remember and understand.

2) Old Business:
*Break Prior to Discussion*
*Meeting Resumed at 6pm*
A) What are we? Muller or Initiating?
-Training in Port Angeles?
-Initiating Criteria reviewed
-Need to revisit draft mission statement
-Need clarification from Transition US.
-Governing Document
B) Reconcilliation:
There are tools at our disposal that will help streamline the first half of the meetings so that members involved will not miss out on valuable information due to time restraints.

Timestamp order for agenda. Current status is identafied for each item.

Attempting to find ways to optimize the meeting so that all involved would not feel left out.

Different levels of participation depend on commitment level

Backing away from statement about commitment and replaceing it with a statement about participation. That will discuss participation as an organic way of being that incorporates the transition principles and those of the permaculture movement. We acknowledge that it is the role of the initiating group to model these principles and “Be the change we wish to see in the world” -Gandhi

3) New Business:
-Discussed checklist.
– Retreat Date: Andrew will nail down a calendar date.
-Next Meeting: Wednesday June 13th 4:30 pm at Lori’s house
-Next Meeting Facilitator: Hank
-Snack Master: Potluck
-Feelings Watcher: Neil
-Scribe: As needed
-Note-Taker: Kaitlan
-Timekeeper: Andrew

Meeting adjourned @ 9pm


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