Initiating Group meeting, 7 May 2012


Facilitator: Neil
Scribe: Lori
Note-taker: Kaitlan
Timekeeper: Andrew
Feelings Watcher: Helen
Snack Master: Nelson

1. Check-in
2. Announcements
3. Appreciations
4. Agenda Review

5. Old Business
a. May 10 event logistics
b. May 10 dot report & table discussion topics
c. May 10 Initating Group introduction & ratification
d. report on registration of “Friends of Transition Port Angeles”
e. report on availability calendar

6. New Business
a. options within procedure
b. communication styles
c. Initiating Group eligibility
d. Initiating Group scope
e. Initiating Group transparency

7. Take-aways/Next steps
8. Evaluation


Old Business:

A) What happened to the May 10th Consensus?
-There was not clear feeling of consensus.
-Email is not the venue to make major decisions

Proposal to Cancel May 10th potluck:
-May 10th potluck cancelled

Diana will write up an announcement for the website about cancellation

Items B) through D) have been postponed indefinitely.

E) Report on FTPA:
-Thanks to Nelson’s wife for helping with the registration process.
-We are all set 🙂

New Business:

A) Options within procedure:
-Consensus Training will be learning by doing.
-Block issue deferred for a retreat topic.


B) Communication Styles

D)Initiating Group Scope
-Do we want to broaden our scope?
-Stick to Port Angeles (the two zip codes)

Proposal that Transition Initiative primary focus to stay in the two zip codes. Furthermore, to encourage a Sequim initiative and to do outreach to other areas in Clallam County so in the future we can become an Clallam County hub.

-This does not mean that any non-PA resident members are not part of the IG.

Initiating Group Eligibility:
-Purposeful Recruitment
-High School and College
-”Man on the street”
-Our Intiating Group needs to expand
-Setting up an informational meeting for college and high school students
-Setting up communication for Union workers
-Chamber of Commerce

F) Initiating Group Transparency:
-Posting Notes on Facebook and Website
-Starting transparency even during the storming

G) Quorum
-if the absolute Quorum is not met then it is required that sub comittees be established to deal with certain business items
-Take this topic to one of our retreats
-Disappearing Task Forces

H) Commitment
-Sense of the meeting was a need for one night a week meeting lasting as long as it takes to get business done
-One day a month where we take a retreat for the day


-Commitment partly determines eligibility
-Anyone on leave is in the loop informationally…..not part of the Quorum
-No more than 3 non-leave absences per Quarter

-Workshop session
-Seeing the big picture

Neil: Person of Contact for the Transition PA mullers group with Transition National
Dave: Webmaster for Transition PA website, Owner of the Yahoo Group
Andrew: Admin of the Facebook group, Admin for the Yahoo Group, Admin for Twitter group, ad hoc Social Media, ad hoc Graphic Designer, Calendar Master.
Lori: Secretary/Treasurer of FTPA
Helen: Director of FTPA
Hank: Transition Trained Advisor

K) Write “Job descriptions” for your current external duties.
-Job descriptions will make their way to the website
New Roles:
-Lori will consider being the group researcher.
– New roles will come out of inventorying and retreats

Next Meeting:
-Monday 14 May 3pm
-Location will be Diana’s house

meeting ended at approximately 9 PM


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