Initiating Group work session, 23 June 2012


Part 0.
Facilitator: Neil

1. Agenda Review
Part 1. The Charter & Deferred Issues

Facilitator: Neil
Scribe: TBD
Note-taker: TBD
Time-keeper: TBD
Feelings Watcher: TBD

1. Charter Report (Lori & Andrew) & Comments
2. Defining Blocking
3. Defining Helpers
4. New Web Site

Part 2. Public Events & Networking

Facilitator: Lori
Scribe: TBD
Note-taker: TBD
Time-keeper: TBD
Feelings Watcher: TBD

1. Bridge-building to local government
2. Bridge-building to local institutions
3. Awareness Raising & Seeding

Part 3. Forward Momentum

Facilitator: Hank
Scribe: TBD
Note-taker: TBD
Time-keeper: TBD
Feelings Watcher: TBD

1. Inventorying
2. Skill Building
3. TPA Event Map
4. Planning for the “Great Unleashing”
a. Understanding the Event
b. Logistics of the Event

Part 4.

1.Take-aways/Next Steps
2. Evaluations


Part 1 The Charter & Deferred issues:
1) Charter Report:
-Reviewed Charter draft and made many change

2) Defining Blocking:
-Conflict resolution task force will become more in depth with it during their meeting on Monday 🙂
-Conflict is going to happen at some point so the more tools we have to overcome it, the better.

3)Defining Helpers:
-There are “Helpers” and there are “Supporters”

4)New Web site:
-Word Press blog
-Andrew and Lori are going to tackle the Word Press and Website.
*Andrew will look at different free website options.
-Review of online options for spreading our message….presented next Wednesday.

Part 2 Public Events & Networking:
1)TPA Timeless Line:
-A “Timeless Line” has been built and ignited a very interesting discussion

2)Awareness Raising & Seeding:
-Transition process learning outreach
-August/September meeting about history of enivormental movements on the Peninsula.
-Proposal to have a “less fluffy” event in near future.
-Power of Community film.
-”Dots” Report and poll of participation.

Part 3: Foward Momentum:
1) Inventorying:
-Consulted flow chart.

2) Skill Building:
-Lori will make a spread sheet of the different stages and their importance to our survival.
*Limit of space and time
*Emergence of new order
Maslow and skills.

3) Planning for the “Great Unleashing””
Deferred to next Wednesday.

*Meeting will be 4:30pm @Lori’s house.


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