Update on August 13th Event

Hello all,
Our next movie night is this Monday, the 13th, at 7:00 pm in the PA Library’s Carver Room. We’ll be playing In Transition 2.0, the sequel to the last movie. It is only recently released, and gives a great view on how the Transition movement is spreading and evolving.
After the movie is group activity. This time there are two big things to talk about:
One activity will be us talking about our various projects. Quite simply, we need help to get things done.
The other activity will be the first (of several) public editing sessions of the Charter! This is the foundational document for all of Transition PA. It’s key not only for getting ‘official’ status from Transition US, but for the future of TPA itself. 
We’ll have the draft text of the Charter posted on our website soon, and we’ll send out a notice about that. Rest assured there will be more public edits of the Charter in the future. This is a big project!
In brief:
When: Monday, 13 August, at 7:00pm
Where: PA Library’s Carver Room
What: In Transition 2.0 with group activities
Bring your friends, and see you there!

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