Planning for Transition Training Event

Hello all!
We’ve been planning on holding Transition training courses for a couple months now. They’re two-day events meant to help forming Initiatives — like TPA — get a deeper understanding of the Transition process.
The course we’re going to host is called Transition LAUNCH, which “provides practical tools and know-how to set up, run, and grow a successful Transition Initiative.” It’s also an important part of becoming an official Initiative: Transition US likes to see two people with Transition training on an Initiating Group, and right now only Hank Gibson has training.
All seven of us on the Initiating Group intend to take the training. In addition to ourselves, we will hold as many courses as there are interested people. 
If you’re interested, please reply to be on the enrollment list. The list will be sorted based on date-stamps.
On to the details!
Port Angeles is very fortunate to have a trainer located in Victoria. Her name is Michelle Colussi, and you can read more about her at Transition US. You can also email her (via, she’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding the LAUNCH training.
Her maximum course size is 18 people, and we’ll be using a sliding scale for the course. With the full 18 people signed up, it’ll probably cost around $125-$150 each. Fewer people means a higher cost, so it’s in everyone’s interest to have a full house. We’ll do what we can to keep costs down.
We also want to offer full and partial scholarships for future trainings, and we’re looking into how that will work. If you’d like to join a course but can’t afford it, please mention this in your reply.
Dates for the first training course will be announced as soon as we firm up plans with Michelle. Again, please reply if you want to be on the enrollment list, or if you have any questions.
Lori, Hank, Nelson, Neil, Kaitlan, Andrew, and Diana (in no particular order)

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