Initiating Group meeting, 1 August 2012


Facilitator: Neil
Note-Taker: Nelson
Feelings Watcher: Kaitlan
Timekeeper: Andrew
Scribe: Andrew

1. Check-in
2. Announcements, TPA-related
3. Announcements, Transition Network-related
4. Appreciations
5. Approval of 25 July 2012 meeting notes
6. Agenda Review

7. Ongoing Conversations
a) Cohesion of Initiating Group
b) Adding members to the IG
c) Care & feeding of helpers & supporters
d) August 6 event
e) August 13 event
f) Charter
g) Library project
h) Application process

8. Action Items Review
9. New Business
10. Next meeting
11. Take-aways & next steps
12. Evaluation
13. Adjourn
14. Social & Clean-Up


Present: Nelson, Diana, Hank, Neil, Kaitlan and Andrew.

Facilitator: Neil
Notetaker: Nelson
Scribe: Andrew
Feelings Watcher: Kaitlan
Time Keeper: Neil

1) Check in: All survived a relatively un-eventful week.

2) Announcements; TPA Related; Hank announced the Port Angeles Community Garden Group will hold a meeting at the Barhop on Laurel St. on Thursday, August 2nd, from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM Topic will be “FOOD”. Several group members heard that a new group is forming which more or less duplicates the Transition model. It was suggested we contact them and make them aware of our movement. Hank said he would check on the situation.

3) Announcements; TT Network Related: None.

4) Appreciations; Andrew expressed appreciation and all concurred, for Diana’s work to finalize the Dispute Resolution and Reconciliation section of the Charter.

5) Approval of Notes; Deferred.

6) Agenda Reveiw; Add to Section 7. Item g.Update on Library Events, Item h. Hank give update on Farmer’s Market Board and item i) Application for certification.

7) Ongoing Conversations

a. Cohesion of Initiating Group; Neil not clear on Sissi’s status. It was decided not to put her name on the IG roster until her status is clarified. Neil asked if all the persons listed on the website are members of the Initiating Group. Helen is on leave and Sissi is still welcome to participate if she wishes. It was agreed by consensus that we are the ‘official’ Initiating Group.

b) Adding Members; Andrew suggested we hold our meetings in a more public place to draw in new members. Diana suggested the Olympic Medical Center Cafeteria. On Tuesday they serve Nash’s produce. It was suggested we show our Charter to Annie Lafritz and get her reaction. It is hoped that we recruit new members at our August events.

c) Helpers and supporters; Neil contacted Kevin about starting an alternate business association. Will follow up on that.

d) August 6th Event; Discussion of format. Setup 12 tables. Participants make list of issues. Have comments on each issue. Each table develope their own interest. Make reference to DOT Survey as indicator of interest levels.

e) August 13th Event; Signup groups. Hank said we need to create working groups toolkit. We also need to thoroughly acquaint them with the Transition Movement. We need a clear and concise list of the top 12 issues at each table.
We also need a big press release with the top 12 issues outlining the top 12 issues. Neil seconded Hank’s proposal to have a toolkit for the groups. Agreed by consensus.

Disappearing Taskforce formed conssisting of Hank, Neil, Kaitlan and Andrew. Schedule of meeting discussed.

DOT Process Topics MC – Andrew
General MC – Diana
Working Groups MC – Hank or Neil(?)
The IG will sit in front, we will do introductions. Members will have name tags.
Diana will conduct a Q & A at the end for a wrap-up.

Andrew will, at an appropriate time, make a statement about the delay and why we are what we are. He will also ask for new and future members.

Snacks discussed. Fruit and veggie trays get so-so response. Chocolate items always good; brownies, toll house cookies, etc. Pretzels and chips with dip would work. We will check with local food stores and restaurants for donations – New Day, Good-To-Go, and so on. Kaitlan said we should know by Friday. We cannot actively solicit donations but we can put out a donation jar. We need to setup at 6:30 PM and start at 7 PM. Hank will check with Library on equipment reservations. Hank presented meeting schedule for futher comments. No significant comments.

Tables should be labeled with visable signs. We will have blank name tags that attendees will fillout themselves. We should go online and check “Like” on August events.

f) Charter – Group discussion with Andrew leading and describing the structure of Charter. Charter consists of eight independent parts linked in a circular concept. The Charter is made whole by the Charter Formation document. This concept was adopted by consensus after lengthy discussion.

g) Library Project Update – Hank said the resources are available to form a Transition Port Angeles Collection. We need a DTF to work with the Library to get it done. Neil, Nelson and Hank appointed to DTF to meet Sunday at 1:00 PM. Also Hank said Library wants us to make a commitment to dates and times we want to reserve the Library in the future. We should make a decision before next meeting.

h) Farmer’s Market Board – Hank said for all intents and puposes he is the only remaining member of a committee to restructure the Farmers’ Market. Future uncertain.

i) Formal Application. Charter ready when Diana is done with Dispute and Reconciliation section we need to send our application for certification. We each need short biography.

8) Action Item Review — Defer/Table.

9) New Business.
a) We need to make some decisions on use of Library.
b) The area needs a Community Center for organizations like ours. A place to meet and socialize.
c) Future Meetings – Open Topic Meetings, show videos, have speakers. The first Monday of the month may work. At the August 16th event we can announce the showing of “Crisis of Civilization” on the first Monday of September or we get a speaker on State Banks and the situation with First Federal Bank going public.

Next meeting; Wednesday, August 8th at 4:30 PM at the OMC Cafeteria. Kaitlan will facilitate.

Respectfully Submitted, Nelson Cone, Notetaker


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