Initiating Group meeting, 25 July 2012


Agenda for July 25, 2012

Facilitator: Diana
Scribe: Nelson
Note-taker: Andrew
Time-keeper: Neil
Feelings Watcher: Lori

1. Check-in
2. Announcements, Transition PA-related
3. Announcements, Transition Network-related
4. Appreciations
5. Approval of 11 July 2012 meeting notes
6. Agenda review
7. Deferred items

a) Taking ownership of
b) Preview In Transition 2.0

8. Ongoing conversations

a) Review of conversation with Jim Williams
b) Cohesion of Initiating Group
c) Adding members to the Initiating Group
d) Care and feeding of Helpers & Supporters

9. Action Items review
10. New Business

a) Transition PA FB Page
-) Next meeting date, time, location
-) Next meeting facilitator, other roles as needed, and snack plan

11. Take-Aways & Next Steps
12. Evaluation
13. Adjourn
14. Social & Cleanup


Transition Port Angeles
Initiating Group
25 July 2012 meeting notes

Present: Nelson, Diana, Andrew, Hank, Neil, Lori

2) Announcements, TPA-related

Discussed the Disappearing Task Force which went to see ‘Fixing the Future’ movie on Bainbridge Island. Definitely worthing bringing the movie to Port Angeles.

Sadly, not much networking was possible, due to problems with event organisation. The event needed more room, to which it didn’t have access. Many booths were not staffed, and the space was too small to allow for breakout discussion groups to form.

However, a lot of talent is availabile within Sustainable Bainbridge; many people can be approached for lots of things. A lot of literature and information was taken away from the event by the DTF. Diana is the custodian thereof.

Generally, it’s our sense that there are many different networks of talent with which we can collaborate!

3) Announcements, Transition Network-related


4) Appreciations:

— to Diana for opening her home up to the group;
— to Lori on her return;
— for the new Country Aire;
— for the Central Market in Poulsbo;
— for the draft Iceland Constitution, which brought many new and exciting things to the table for the Charter

Diversion here to talk about soap nuts. Diana uses them; about 2-3 nuts last for 10-20 loads of laundry. They are available at Country Aire.

5) Approval of 11 July meeting notes


7a) Deferred items – taking ownership of

We have decided to not purchase rights to the website. It’s our feeling that we have no use for it.

7b) Deferred items – Preview of In Transition 2.0

Reviewed the movie, it was excellent. Demonstrated how the Transition model works even in disasters (eg Fukishima and Christchurch).

8a) Ongoing conversations – Review of conversation with Jim Williams

Went over the gist of the conversation. We agree that an alternate business network is very much needed for Port Angeles. Discussed at length the present layout of PA business networks, including PABA, Downtown Association, PA Cham.

Generally, we feel that the conversation was incredibly useful, and gave us a wealth of information. Jim himself is a vital person to have at the table.

8b) Ongoing conversations – Cohesion of Initating Group

Deferred for purposes of planning August movie events.

8c) Ongoing conversations – Adding members to the Initiating Group

Deferred for purposes of planning August movie events.

8d) Ongoing conversations — Care and feeding of helpers & supporters

Deferred for purposes of planning August movie events.

8e) Ongoing conversations – Charter

Very long discussion about the length of the Charter and possible structural changes. Ultimately we decided to devote the upcoming work session to the Charter, with the aim of having it ready for public editing on the 6th August event.

9) Action Items Review

New form of review, simple status report. Any items needing discussion pulled out into New Business. Appreciations to Lori for thinking of this new approach!

10a) New business – Work session

Work session will be focused exclusively on the Charter.
Facilitator – Andrew
Location: Hank’s office’s hallway.

10b) New business – August movie events

Sign-in sheets will be table based, instead of one right at the door. Further planning deferred until next business meeting.

10c) New business – Issue with TPA Facebook page

The structure of the page keeps TPA posts separate from member posts. This is unacceptable, and creates a sense of separation. We do not like this one bit. Will attempt to solve the issue, and get both TPA and member posts commingled into one timeline.

10d) New business – next meeting
Facilitator – Neil
Location: Diana’s residence


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