Initiating Group meeting, 8 August 2012


Location: Olympic Medical Center Cafe

Snacks: Cafe Food
Facilitator: Kaitlan
Note Taker:
Feelings Watcher:

1. Check-In

2. Announcements, TPA-related

3. Announcements, Transition Network-related

4. Appreciations

5. Approval of 25th July 2012 meeting notes

6. Approval of 1 August 2012 meeting notes

7. Agenda Review

8. Ongoing conversations

a. August 6th event review

a. Adding new members to the IG

b. Care & feeding of helpers & supporters

c. August 13 event and Charter update

d. First Federal demutualization discussion

8. Action Items Review

9. New Business

a. Upcoming events?

10. Next meeting

11. Take-aways & next steps

12. Evaluation

13. Adjourn




OMC Cafe

Meeting started at 4:45

Present: Nelson, Diana, Hank (late), Neil, Lori, Kaitlan, Andrew. Guests: Tracey, Ed, Adrian.

Facilitator: Kaitlan
Notetaker: Neil
Scribe: Andrew (on a notebook)
Feelings Monitor: Diana
Time Keeper: Andrew
1. Check in.

2. Announcements TPA related: There is a guy coming to an upcoming Green Party event to talk about the State Bank concept.

3. General Transition announcements: not really.

4. Vast appreciation for Nelson’s excellent notes.

5. The approval for 7-25 notes was deferred; notes for 8-1 approved.

6. Agenda addition: logistics for August retreat/work session.

7a.Post-mortem on 8-6 event: The event was generally good and well executed, but with room for improvement.
Suggested to have more frequent email announcments, and closer to the event.

b. In regards to adding new members to IG, it was suggested to invite people to help with the DTFs. And celebrating their participation.
The inviting part will be incorporated into the 8-13 event.

c. August 13 event. The big charter draft witll be up on the walls. Diana will MC. Introduce the BOLT (Best Of Last Time) tradition in order to review the
previous event. Movie “Transition 2.0”. After the break, room will be partially split between charter room & room with tables for DTFs and conversation. Snacks will be a repeat of 8-6. At the end, a BOTT (Best Of This Time) tradition will be launched.

d. In regards to the First Federal Demutualization issue, it was decided to form a “action team” having a longer life than a DTF and not quite yet a working group to handle the many good ideas to deal with this. Neil & Diana will try to get something started at the 8-13 event.

(At 8:00 PM the meeting fell into some dissary when the OMC Cafe was closed. The meeting restarted standing on the sidewalk outside.)

8. Action Item Review – deferred.

9a. New Business: upcoming event: Movie “Power of Community” & charter presentation/dtfs/social
b. logistics for August retreat/worksession deferred

10. Next meeting: Wednesday 8-15 time (earlier would help out those wanting to attend Farmers Market meeting) and public place to be determined. Diana’s as a back-up. Kaitlan facilitates.

11. Take aways were not done because of the standing up issue.

12. Evaluations: OMC not so good. Wonderful, energizing to have guests. Good to explain process to persons unfamiliar.

13. Meeting ended at 8:30.


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