Dot Activity on Categorized World Cafe Responses, 19 April 2012

This activity involved the posters made of the categorized World Cafe responses, which you can read here. Everyone present was given two blue stickers and two red stickers. Then all were asked to identify what were the top two topics they wanted to see action taken, and the two topics they had the most passion to step forward and help see something happen.

For interest, Economy was the top, followed by Transportation and Food. For passion, Food was the big winner, followed by Society & Community and Economy.

Meta-Topic                         Interest (blue)         Passion (red)
Society & Community         8                               14
Community Health              7                                6
Public Safety                       4                                4
City Government                 8                                3
Transportation                     13                              6
Economy                             18                              11
Energy                                 6                                7
Waste                                   9                                5
Water                                   3                                3
Food                                    10                              21


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