Initiating Group meeting, 15 August 2012


Location: Conference room upstairs Landing Mall.

Snacks: Finger Food

Facilitator: Kaitlan/Neil
Note Taker: Andrew
Timekeeper: Neil
Feelings Watcher: Andrew
Scribe: no scribing done

1. Check-In
5. Announcements, TPA-related
6. Announcements, Transition Network-related
7. Appreciations
8. Approval of 25th July 2012 meeting notes
9. Approval of 8th August 2012 meeting notes
0. Agenda Review

2. Ongoing conversations
a. August 13th event review
b. Adding new members to the IG
c. Care & feeding of helpers & supporters
d. First Federal demutualization discussion

3. Action Items Review

4. New Business

a. Upcoming events?
b. August 25th work session/retreat

10. Next meeting

11. Take-aways & next steps
12. Evaluation
13. Adjourn


Present: Andrew, Neil, Kaitlan, Nelson, Diana, Hank, Lori

Note: Agenda was heavily rearranged from our usual form, because several present had time constraints.

2a) Ongoing conversations — August 13th event review

The energy from the event was amazing. It was the sense of the group that although attendance was down from the 6th August event, those present were very focused and were ready to get stuff done.

Got review of the Transportation breakout group from Lori. Sounds like it might become the first Working Group, especially in context of bringing together people interested in alternate transportation. The need to address wheelchairs as a necessary transportation method was also mentioned as a priority, to ensure that everyone can get around safely and as easily as possible.

2b) Ongoing conversations – Adding new members to the IG

One person has indicated they are unable to participate on the IG, but will help!

Helen Sears indicated she was unable to participate on the IG for personal reasons, and requested to be removed. It was the sense of the group that Helen would be more than welcome to return to the IG if she should want to do so in the future. We thank her for her contributions, good spirit, and collaboration to this group!

2c) Ongoing conversations – Care and feeding of helpers & supporters

What support can we offer? Let’s ask! Create Working Groups by encouragement. Discussed generally that a lot of people will find TPA to be a home. This underscored the need for a Working Group Governance Toolkit.

The First Federal Response Action Team was discussed further, in terms of group process and dynamics. It was our sense that the Action Team would have accomplished more with better process, and exampled the critical need to provide process support and facilitation.

Additionally, in future events we will start seeding ideas of process and positive group dynamics, to lay the groundwork for the Working Groups Governance Toolkit.

We feel the need to meet and learn about TPA supporters. Sit down and start building those one-on-one connections. Start finding the passions and providing support. This also points out the need for a presskit, in addition to toolkits.

This gave rise to the question of what, exactly, is the nature of this ongoing conversation! It was our sense that it is a project for the entire group and individually. Care and feeding is bringing people to the table. Care through work is our best chance at providing support and facilitation, let the process take care of who wants to work and who wants to support. Nurturing and outreach, bringing people to a working table.

As part of this, we decided to devote a significant part of our weekly meetings to focus topics. Each week will be a different topic, which we hope will draw people together to start tackling these issues. Farmers’ Market outreach will be next week’s focus topic!

This conversation was retired from the agenda, as we’ve moved beyond it into an active, work-oriented model of care & feeding.

2d) Ongoing conversations — First Federal demutualization discussion

Discussed First Fed demutualization, specifically replacing the commercial loans aspect of that institution. Will look into business development credit unions (note: one CDFI exists locally, called Craft3).

Vice president of First Fed will be unavailable for two weeks, which delays any significant progress for the First Federal Response Action Team formed at the 6th August event.

There are rumours that a letter is going to be circulated by First Fed offering depositors first refusal on shares in the ‘new’ First Fed.

3) Action Items Review
Discussed ‘Crisis of Civilisation’ movie. Feeling was that although the movie is very good, there are concerns that the politics of the movie are potentially divisive. Nevertheless, the movie is a good introduction to global systemic problems. It’s a possibility for a “scary movie night”. ‘Fixing the Future’ was proposed as an alternative, being a more positive and results oriented movie. We want to focus on solutions, not the problems themselves.

Appreciations around for the people who have offered their digital projectors for use!

Discussed the Library Project Disappearing Task Force, First Federal Response Action Team, and the Working Groups Governance Toolkit DTF.

Regarding the Library Project, it’s the sense of the group to use the searchable phrase “Transition movement” for TPA’s NOLS resource library. This will help cross-pollenate the Transition process throughout the NOLS system, and help TPA facilitate future Transition Initiatives in Clallam County.

4a) New Business – Upcoming events

Library is confirmed for 27th August, 7pm. We’ll be playing ‘Power of Cumminty’ and afterward have lots of activities. Another Charter review included. Also have First Federal Response Action Team meetup, along with any other topics people are interested in working on.

Possibly have multiple TED-style talks after the movie, get people on the ground and pursuing projects. Also an opportunity to gather up local experts on Transition-related themes.

4b) New Business – August 25th work session

Space needs are getting acute. The lack of free-use indoor public space is very surprising. Underscores the future need for a Transition gathering space.

4c) New business — Response to various emails.

Brief discussion. Shelly Randall of Local 20/20 requested a PDF copy of the Charter, so it’s now in the hands of Local 20/20!

4d) New business — Meetup review

The group has concerns about the problems with potentially conducting business online. We believe face-to-face meetings are the best for getting things done. However, a bulletin board is useful. Concerns here arose around moderation. We don’t have the resources to tackle a project of that size.

It’s the sense of the group that there is skepticism about expansion of TPA’s online presence at this time. However, we are very willing and open to adopt tools which facilitate face-to-face interactions. Andrew will look into the matter more and report back to the group.

4f) New business – Nature of Action Teams

It’s the sense of the group that Action Teams need to evolve for some time before we can start solidifying their form and process. It’s also the feeling of the group that Action Teams are temporary expedients, as nuclei for future Working Groups.

5) Announcements, TPA-related: Green Party hosted a movie, “The 1%” on Thursday.

6) Announcements, Transition Network-related: None
7) Appreciations: to Kaitlan for arranging the meeting space!
8) Approval of 25th July meeting notes — Deferred
9) Approval of 8th August meeting notes – Approved

Meeting adjourned, 5:45pm


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