Group Focus Time on World Cafe Responses, 6 August 2012


Brad, Mark, John, Bill, Lou et al

Educational group
-to teach growing one’s own food
-in schools (some already underway)
-consider summer market for kids to operate and earn $

Publicize community gardens

Pairing land (lot) owners with land workers to grow a garden
-INVENTORY of interested owners and interested workers

Assess barriers (legal?) to selling small plot produce


Society & Community

Jill, Kaitlan, Bobbie, et al

Most important
-Involve youth on all levels. This is a piece of all of the other aspects
-Combat apathy, hopelessness, insecurity

How do we engage the greater community… beyond showing support, but getting invested/taking action?

1. Keep the conversation alive
-Coop with other community organizations
-Talk it up with individuals and groups you’re involved in!

2. Build a consistent visable presence
-regular meetings
-community events (farmers market, schools, city council meetings)

3. Logo & slogan

4. Show, don’t tell

5. Inventory of resources available in community
-people with skills, land, capital
-so we can share efforts

6. Get neighbors to meet one another… engage.

7. Public transit needs to be more “convenient” and useful (schedule)… bringing people together physically


Milt, Lois, Don, Lori

Added to the World Cafe categorized list:

more walkable, bikeable city
electic & pedal cabs
electical cars
3 wheeled bikes, becok
people can get to work
solar, wind, wave energy
outside employers pkg. tots

Real survey of what it would take to get you to ride the bus… to work, for errands, to take classes, for recreation…


Public transportation important but substandard in our community. More walkable and bikeable city.

More public trasportation
-accessable locations & times for getting to work
-smaller vehilces in neighborhoods
-non oil powered vehicles
-would create jobs

Pedal cabs — three wheel bikes (becok)
-3 wheels
-rider in back, two seats in front

Generate and store non-fossil fuels – more r&d needed

Action: Grassroots survey of what people need to get them to ride the bus to work, stores, recreation… And ask bus drivers too!


Janet, Marilyn, Neil

Develop a comprehensive plan for maximum reuse and recycling throughout the local area.

Not under our control:
-Landfill spillage into strait
-Waste Management contracts

What we can control:
-Independant, individual, and collective
-Setting up our own “Waste Management Center”
-Reduce our waste stream

Create a lot of jobs doing this ultimately.

Make it our own problem. Don’t send it to someone else’s backyard.

Eliminate the fuel epxenditure to truck waste to Oregon.

Local plastic compression into picnic tables, useful other things, etc.

Put the City out of the solid waste business, because its the most expensive utility we have.

Education & Culture
—New meta-topic—

Emma, Annie, Vee, Diana et al


Classes in:
-bicycle repair

Apathy –> Not alone!

Ride sharing, biking, bus

-work ethic

Hopelessness, helplessness <— How to counteract this?


High school students
-link with classrooms
-cont. issues
-seed glaciers



Aluminum waste —> 4x commercial airline fleet yearly


Seeding educational alternatives!
Free universities/schools
Old schools —> turned into community centers
-dance classes
-art classes
-music classes

Churches – engage


Bill McKibbin —> Rolling Stone —> FUELS

-Community events
-Transition parties
-Community space (hub)
-Using knowledge & people who want to learn

Free universities
-teach what you know/like


Heidi, David, Nelson, et al

#1 Insuring adequate water for farming as well as home gardens and residential needs

#2 Reform water rights — water commons

#3 Water pollution

#4 Law prohibits collection of rainwater – raingardens – retain conservation
-involves individuals


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