Event Update for 12 September

Hello all,

The event this coming Wednesday will be different from the last few at the Library.

There are lots of people and organizations in Port Angeles with projects which naturally compliment the Transition process. Obviously Transition Port Angeles shouldn’t run around reinventing the wheel!

So, this Wednesday we’d like to have a round-robin discussion, and start building a list of people and organizations to contact. We expect this will take about forty minutes or so, and by the end of it everyone will have a much deeper understanding of the many connections we share in the broader community. It’s our hope to walk away with the beginning of an inventory for Transition PA’s future.

After the round-robin will be breakout groups for topic focus time. There’s lots to talk about!

In brief–

When: Wednesday, 12 September, 7:00 pm
Where: Port Angeles Library’s Carver Room
What: Group round-robin for community inventorying, followed by small group focus time

Cheers, and see you there!

Lori, Kaitlan, Hank, Neil, Andrew, Nelson, and Diana (in no particular order)


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