Request for Community Garden Space

Hello all,
Below is an assistance request for a community garden. Please give it a read and see if you or anyone you know can help!
Lori, Hank, Nelson, Andrew, Neil, Diana, and Kaitlan (in no particular order)
Hi Group,
   I am a volunteer with William Klover and St. Vincent DePaulFood Pantry. We grow fruits and vegtables for The Salvation Army, The Food Bank and St. Vincent DePaul’s food pantry.It has been a very successful year, with a great deal of food provided for those in need. Unfortunately, our host Community Garden at 16th St., a PCMHC Client Home is for sale. We are in need of a replacement garden site in PA. If anyone has a double or triple lot we could use for our raised beds we would greatly appreciate it.
     Time is of the essence, so if anyone can help please email william.klover (at)
     Thank you, Patty Brady

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