About Transition PA

This is the home website for Transition Port Angeles. Here you can read Notes from meetings, get news on events, and see what projects are getting worked on.

Our vision is to see the revitalization of Port Angeles as a desirable place to live, where people can thrive personally and socially in a resilient and relocalized economy. We want to build a Port Angeles that elicits the pride, enthusiasm, and loyality of its citizens, a Port Angeles that people find attractive as a place to visit or to make their home. Our vision also includes the intention to see Port Angeles recognized as a vibrant and exemplary member of the global Transition movement.

The purpose of Transition Port Angeles is to empower and embolden our community to tackle challenges facing societies throughout the world. These common challenges have sparked the creation of the Transition movement, and remain as challenges for everyone in the world now and in the future.

The Transition movement explicitly identifies three challenges: peak oil, climate change, and economic instability. How or why these challenges have emerged might be contentious; the imperative is that they are addressed in a constructive and community-driven manner.

To those three Transition challenges, we add a fourth: social polarization. This is a unique challenge, separate from the other three and desperately needing its own approach. The divisive framing of concepts and controversies has created this polarization, which can interfere with the natural human process of community-building. Social polarization can also complicate responses to the other three challenges which we face. We will seek to rectify this challenge through reconciliation: In a relocalized future, we must all live together as tolerant neighbors in an inclusive Port Angeles.

We of Transition Port Angeles seek to remake these four challenges into opportunities. Through these opportunities, we hope to inspire, encourage, network, support, and train each other as we transform Port Angeles and help build a thriving, resilient future.

To learn more about the Transition movement, take a look at Transition US and Transition Network! Our neighbors are onboard the Transition movement too, like Port Townsend and Victoria.


One thought on “About Transition PA

  1. At last. Transition PA is what I have been seeking to follow my “retirement” from paid labor. The initiating group has obviously put a lot of work into the process already. I’m very happy to see this kind of initiative put forward in Port Angeles, which is my idea of paradise. The Transition model embodies all the processes and perspectives that are missing now from our national conversation. I’ve always felt that the changes necessary for future survival must take place on a local level and involve all aspects of the local community. I will be pleased to devote my energies to this project.

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