Initiating Group meeting, 29 August 2012


3:00 PM Klallam Kup
4:30 PM Oven Spoonful
6:30 PM Barhop

Facilitator: Hank
Notetaker: Neil
Time Keeper:
Feelings Watcher:
Scribe: [no scribing]

Part 1 — Business
Klallam Kup

1. Check-in
2. Announcements, TPA related
3. Announcements, Transition Network related
4. Appreciations
5. Approval of 22 August 2012 meeting notes
6. Agenda Review
7. Action Items Review

Part 2 — Deepening & Public Conversations
Oven Spoonful

1. Focus time: Crisis Scenario & Seeding Appropriate Responses

Part 3 — Ongoing Conversations & Business

1. Ongoing Conversations
a. Farmers’ Market Table & Outreach
b. Sept 29 public event at The Landing
c. Transition HQ — Location Development DTF progress/discussion
d. TPA outreach trip to Port Townsend
e. TPA outreach to Permaculture gathering
f. Adding new members to the IG……DTF formation??
g. Select new Director for Friends of TPA + Decide where to setup our bank account (…. if not FirstFed?)
h. Transition Training event in PA

2. New Business
a. Encouraging formation of working groups — Discuss IG “seeding” & temporary facilitation
b. Individual IG Members — Burnout Check-In

3. Next Meeting
4. Take-aways & next steps
5. Evaluation
6. Social


Hank, facilitator
Neil, notes
Lori, time keeper
Kaitlan, feelings watcher

Meeting started at 3:17

After the introductory business, continuing conversations began with a review of the August 27 event at the Library. The event was seen as a good step forward, with much positive energy. Appreciation was noted for those who spontaneously helped facilitate. Concerns were expressed about loose group process, set up, and in-meeting communication issues. Some fine-tuning is needed and the IG resolved “That public events are to have well-planned agenda, roles, and facilitation. The goal is to maintain a tradition of excellence. Each event will have a planning DTF for quality assurance.”

The PA Farmers Market table begins Saturday 9/1. Material for presentation was reviewed, and some additions suggested.

The David Spring/State Bank proposal event will take place 9/29 7 PM at the Landing.

A local real estate specialist is willing to help with the review of potential sites for Transition HQ. Some expressed concern against putting to much ‘sweat equity’ into a location on account of lack of occupancy rights. Visioning is needed for long-term facility needs.

The planning for the Port Townsend and Permaculture outreach road trips is being combined because of the likely closeness of the dates.

The discussion on growing the IG had three threads: expanding outreach materials, need for new media to reach PDN-alienated local people,  targeted recruitment opportunities through the outreach matrix of organizations and activities. It was decided to do recurring inventorying at public meetings.

There was an incomplete review of the retreat topic of Dealing with Fast Collapse due to Economic Crisis.

Selecting a new Director for Friends of TPA was deferred.

The Victoria trainer was interviewed on August 28. She was deemed to be highly competent. There needs to be a waiting list of attendees. Trainees will be best prepared by being familiar with The Transition Companion. A email will go out the TPA community.

The meeting with Transition Victoria members was very fruitful, introducing ideas such as decolonizing and empowerment. The economic leg of Transition has the greatest appeal in Victoria.

The meeting decided to have “Together, we are the solution” to be the tagline of Transition Port Angeles.

New business began with the determination to have the formation of working groups be an item of ongoing conversation.

It was also determined that a feelings-based check in around TPA involvement and possible burnout be included in future IG meetings. A conversation about IG meeting formats will be in the next meeting as well.

It was decided that the next community event in September would be a working session addressing what is going on that touches on TPA and how are we connected to that. This will be the beginning of inventorying at public meetings.

Bringing up a potluck was deferred.

The next IG meeting will be 4 PM, Wednesday, September 5 at Lori’s house. Food will be potluck. Andrew will facilitate (Neil will help prepare agenda). Lori will be note-taker.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45


Initiating Group meeting, 22 August 2012


Moveable Feast Meeting

August 22, 2012

3:00 PM Klallam Kup
4:30 PM Oven Spoonful
6:30 PM Barhop

Facilitator: Neil
Note Taker: Andrew
Time Keeper: Lori
Feelings Watcher:

Part 1 Business
3:00 PM Klallam Kup

1. Check-in
2. Announcements, TPA related
3. Announcements, Transition Network related
4. Appreciations
5. Approval of 25 July 2012 meeting notes
6. Approval of 15 August 2012 meeting notes
7. Agenda Review
8. Action Items Review Part 1
Part 2 Public Conversations
4:30 PM Oven Spoonful

1. Focus Time: Farmers Market Table

2. Ongoing Conversations
a. Adding new members to the IG
b. August 25 work session/retreat logistics
c. August 27 public event @ library
d. Location Development DTF objectives
e. TPA email correspondence
f. Conflict Resolution Presentation (final report of Conflict Resolution DTF)
g. Presentation concerns & new Conflict Resolution DTF formation
h. Transistion training

3. New Business
a. TPA outreach road trip to Port Townsend
b. TPA outreach to Permaculture gathering

Part 3 Business
6:30 Barhop

1. Action Items Review Part 2
2. Next Meeting
3. Take-aways & next steps
4. Evaluation
5. Social


Part 1

Present: Neil, Diana, Lori, Andrew, Nelson, Hank, Kaitlan
Location: Klallam Kup at the Elwha Cultural Center

On 29 September there will be an event at The Landing’s Conference room. David Spring will speak about Washington State’s future State Bank.

Diana is going to write an article for the Sequim Gazette about the plight of First Federal.

Note: regular preliminaries and conversation took place at the Klallam Kup. There wasn’t much to note outside of the above.

Part 2

Present: Neil, Diana, Lori, Andrew, Nelson, Hank, Kaitlan
Location: Oven Spoonful

1) Focus time — Farmers Market Table & Outreach

Talked about benefits/issues around having a table at the Farmers’ Market, versus another location (such as Klallam Kup). It is the group’s sense that we should start at the Farmers’ Market due to visibility, and grow into new, additional locations as TPA gains recognition.

We need to inform about projects and needs for volunteers. Design a trifold to list out projects, and a separate one for volunteer possibilities.

The projects should be broken up into two different lists: IG projects and grander, Initiative projects.

There was some question as to whether or not the draft trifold should have more about help needed, rather than as much generalised information. Is a multiciplicity of trifolds better, or just one?

It’s the sense of the group that Working Groups will take over producing their own informational material as they form, including an ‘about us’ trifold and a hotlist of help needed. It’s our expectation that Working Group material will have a ‘family resemblance’ with whatever TPA’s own look will be.

Will have a Resources tab on the website to help link people to The Primer, The Handbook, etc. However, there will be a few (~15) copies of the The Primer on hand at the Farmers’ Market table for those who are really interested.

For the Farmers’ Market table (and future outreach of that style) we want to build a moving library. Focus on just the basics, like The Transition Handbook, so that people can look through and see what Transition is all about. Also, a way to play videos (like In Transition 1.0) would be good, if possible.

To distill this down. Basic table material for the Farmers’ Market will be:
-trifold introduction to TPA
-hotlists for
— IG projects
— grander Initiative projects
— volunteers needed
— book wishlist (for in lieu of donations)

It’s the sense of the group that outreach needs to get rolling, and not let it get held up by a lack of a logo. That can be brought on later in the process. Right now we need to get the Initiative much more in the public eye than it is presently. If all goes well, we’ll try to get a table for next week’s Farmers’ Market!

2a) Ongoing conversations — Do we need Friends of TPA?

Questions arose as to whether or not FTPA should be kept in existence. It was designed as a compromise at an earlier stage of the Initiating Group’s coalescing, and there were questions as to whether or not the compromise was still necessary.

The liability shield is the primary reason for FTPA’s existence, specifically for signing hold-harmless agreements for renting space. There is also the potential future need of disbursing funds, accepting donations, etc.

After discussion, it is the sense of the group to keep FTPA in existence.

2b) Ongoing conversations — Adding members to the Initiating Group

Comments arose regarding the lack of focus in this addition process. We’ve had this conversation for many meetings without any forward momentum. How are we to pursue new members to energise the group?

This process needs focus and clarity, perhaps a DTF. We need to identify needs and skills for the mission of the IG, as a way of pursuing new members.

Many energetic people appear willing to pursue projects, but are perhaps too busy to be on the IG. Active recruiting is a possible approach to refocus this process.

The work session this Saturday will touch on this process. Conversation put to bed, new focus will arise after the work session.

2c) Ongoing conversations – Initiating Group work session

Had a planning discussion for the weekend’s work session.

2d) Ongoing conversations – 27 August event

After film, will make time to have progress on Action Teams. Also make more room that previously for organic group formation.

Event agenda:
1) Watch movie
2) Break
3) Structured discussion about the movie (Nelson and Hank co-facilitating)
4) Break
5) Group discussion and reports

2e) Ongoing conversations – Location Development DTF objectives

We really need a dedicated home for Transition PA. Unused space, centrally located, needing sweat equity. DTF was formed last meeting to generally pursue this, but was not discussed in detail.

Need someone very aware of the local real property market, able to provide insight and guidance about researching possible locations.

Hank, Lori, Andrew joined DTF

Objectives for the DTF:

Immediate need for meeting space for IG and public events, up to ~100 people. Would be nice to have possibility for future food prep.

Should not not pursue a space just because “it isn’t big enough”. We intend to follow a distributed model of gathering Transition space, similar to the Fernwood NRG in Victoria. We want to see multiple Transition-related spaces scattered throughout the city anyway, so our first steps must be in that direction.

Centre of population is a very important location, and is a strong considerationg for TPA’s first home. There is a lot of unused space throughout the city, much of it distressed. Howevr, if we get free space we needn’t be picky.

Group emphasised the need to move West and get embedded into that section of the city. The community is very underserved, and we need them to be part of TPA.

Digression here to Low Impact Development in context of parking requirements. The City has received a goodly sum from the State, for LID in low-income areas of Port Angeles. The City will apparently be building rain gardens on West 4th Street. This suggests to us that there are ways around the City’s desire to blacktop anything and everything.

2f) Ongoing conversations — TPA email correspondence

Several emails were discussed, many of which informed events planning under New Business.

2g) Ongoing conversations – Conflict Resolution Presentation (final report of Conflict Resolution DTF)

Reviewed presentation.

2h) Ongoing conversations – Presentation concerns and new Conflict Resolution DTF formation

Questions arose about reworking the presentation as reviewed. Include more about consensus process, and have a more workshop style presentation. Also, had it designed to be easily remapped to any event in particular.

This presentation is a critical part of the future Working Group Toolkit, the group stressed this multiple times. It also addresses the fourth leg – social polarisation – of TPA.

It’s the sense of the group that this project is mostly done for now. However, the presentation will need great attention soon, retooling for helping Working Groups form and function.

Diana, Lori, Andrew will work on the presentation as a DTF to get it website-ready.

2i) Ongoing conversations – Transition training

It is the sense of the group that we will host a local training event. We will have a pricing structure which does not attempt to work as a fudnraiser, but rather simply pay for the event.

Once pricing structure is that the price gets lower as more people sign up. Refunds given to early purchasers so that their costs are in line with late purchasers.

Also, have a sliding scale, possible scholarships for the training to bring in those who can’t afford it but want to participate regardless. Will run various pricing scenarios for the training.

We have set any over-costs funds at one full scholarship equivalent. In other words, if a place at the training costs $100, we will price the training to generate no more than that over the costs of the training.

It is the sense of the group that we intend to hold many training events, to try and reach as many people in Port Angeles as possible. We will also reach out to Local 20/20 for joining in training.

3a) New business – TPA outreach trip to Port Townsend & Local 20/20

Local 20/20 has enquired about borrowing In Transition 2.0, so we’ve decided to offer having a joint event. We’ll bring the movie to them, and start building that connection with our next-nearest Transition Initiative.

Further information will be released about this future event as it becomes available!

3b) New business – TPA outreach trop to the Permaculture Convergence

The Convergence has put out a blanket invitation for Transition Initiatives in the Pacific Northwest to come and talk about Transition. At a minimum, Hank will be there and will represent TPA. Others can join as they desire or are able.

An email will be sent out to the list about this event, and to coordinate with Hank about carpooling, etc. The Convergence represents an excellent opporunity for networking and skillbuilding.

3c) New business – TPA outreach to various events

There is an event on 23 August on Whidby Island about a locally sourced Food Bank. No one on the IG is able to go. However, several videos were attached to the invitation, which we will review and discuss later.

Part 3

Next meeting:

Wednesday at 3:00 pm
Locations: Klallam Kup, Oven Spoonful, and the Barhop.
Facilitator: Hank
Feelings watcher: Kaitlan
Notetaker: Neil
Timekeeper: Lori

Focus time will be on the response to First Federal’s demutualisation.

Meeting adjoured at about 7:50pm.

Initiating Group meeting, 15 August 2012


Location: Conference room upstairs Landing Mall.

Snacks: Finger Food

Facilitator: Kaitlan/Neil
Note Taker: Andrew
Timekeeper: Neil
Feelings Watcher: Andrew
Scribe: no scribing done

1. Check-In
5. Announcements, TPA-related
6. Announcements, Transition Network-related
7. Appreciations
8. Approval of 25th July 2012 meeting notes
9. Approval of 8th August 2012 meeting notes
0. Agenda Review

2. Ongoing conversations
a. August 13th event review
b. Adding new members to the IG
c. Care & feeding of helpers & supporters
d. First Federal demutualization discussion

3. Action Items Review

4. New Business

a. Upcoming events?
b. August 25th work session/retreat

10. Next meeting

11. Take-aways & next steps
12. Evaluation
13. Adjourn


Present: Andrew, Neil, Kaitlan, Nelson, Diana, Hank, Lori

Note: Agenda was heavily rearranged from our usual form, because several present had time constraints.

2a) Ongoing conversations — August 13th event review

The energy from the event was amazing. It was the sense of the group that although attendance was down from the 6th August event, those present were very focused and were ready to get stuff done.

Got review of the Transportation breakout group from Lori. Sounds like it might become the first Working Group, especially in context of bringing together people interested in alternate transportation. The need to address wheelchairs as a necessary transportation method was also mentioned as a priority, to ensure that everyone can get around safely and as easily as possible.

2b) Ongoing conversations – Adding new members to the IG

One person has indicated they are unable to participate on the IG, but will help!

Helen Sears indicated she was unable to participate on the IG for personal reasons, and requested to be removed. It was the sense of the group that Helen would be more than welcome to return to the IG if she should want to do so in the future. We thank her for her contributions, good spirit, and collaboration to this group!

2c) Ongoing conversations – Care and feeding of helpers & supporters

What support can we offer? Let’s ask! Create Working Groups by encouragement. Discussed generally that a lot of people will find TPA to be a home. This underscored the need for a Working Group Governance Toolkit.

The First Federal Response Action Team was discussed further, in terms of group process and dynamics. It was our sense that the Action Team would have accomplished more with better process, and exampled the critical need to provide process support and facilitation.

Additionally, in future events we will start seeding ideas of process and positive group dynamics, to lay the groundwork for the Working Groups Governance Toolkit.

We feel the need to meet and learn about TPA supporters. Sit down and start building those one-on-one connections. Start finding the passions and providing support. This also points out the need for a presskit, in addition to toolkits.

This gave rise to the question of what, exactly, is the nature of this ongoing conversation! It was our sense that it is a project for the entire group and individually. Care and feeding is bringing people to the table. Care through work is our best chance at providing support and facilitation, let the process take care of who wants to work and who wants to support. Nurturing and outreach, bringing people to a working table.

As part of this, we decided to devote a significant part of our weekly meetings to focus topics. Each week will be a different topic, which we hope will draw people together to start tackling these issues. Farmers’ Market outreach will be next week’s focus topic!

This conversation was retired from the agenda, as we’ve moved beyond it into an active, work-oriented model of care & feeding.

2d) Ongoing conversations — First Federal demutualization discussion

Discussed First Fed demutualization, specifically replacing the commercial loans aspect of that institution. Will look into business development credit unions (note: one CDFI exists locally, called Craft3).

Vice president of First Fed will be unavailable for two weeks, which delays any significant progress for the First Federal Response Action Team formed at the 6th August event.

There are rumours that a letter is going to be circulated by First Fed offering depositors first refusal on shares in the ‘new’ First Fed.

3) Action Items Review
Discussed ‘Crisis of Civilisation’ movie. Feeling was that although the movie is very good, there are concerns that the politics of the movie are potentially divisive. Nevertheless, the movie is a good introduction to global systemic problems. It’s a possibility for a “scary movie night”. ‘Fixing the Future’ was proposed as an alternative, being a more positive and results oriented movie. We want to focus on solutions, not the problems themselves.

Appreciations around for the people who have offered their digital projectors for use!

Discussed the Library Project Disappearing Task Force, First Federal Response Action Team, and the Working Groups Governance Toolkit DTF.

Regarding the Library Project, it’s the sense of the group to use the searchable phrase “Transition movement” for TPA’s NOLS resource library. This will help cross-pollenate the Transition process throughout the NOLS system, and help TPA facilitate future Transition Initiatives in Clallam County.

4a) New Business – Upcoming events

Library is confirmed for 27th August, 7pm. We’ll be playing ‘Power of Cumminty’ and afterward have lots of activities. Another Charter review included. Also have First Federal Response Action Team meetup, along with any other topics people are interested in working on.

Possibly have multiple TED-style talks after the movie, get people on the ground and pursuing projects. Also an opportunity to gather up local experts on Transition-related themes.

4b) New Business – August 25th work session

Space needs are getting acute. The lack of free-use indoor public space is very surprising. Underscores the future need for a Transition gathering space.

4c) New business — Response to various emails.

Brief discussion. Shelly Randall of Local 20/20 requested a PDF copy of the Charter, so it’s now in the hands of Local 20/20!

4d) New business — Meetup review

The group has concerns about the problems with potentially conducting business online. We believe face-to-face meetings are the best for getting things done. However, a bulletin board is useful. Concerns here arose around moderation. We don’t have the resources to tackle a project of that size.

It’s the sense of the group that there is skepticism about expansion of TPA’s online presence at this time. However, we are very willing and open to adopt tools which facilitate face-to-face interactions. Andrew will look into the matter more and report back to the group.

4f) New business – Nature of Action Teams

It’s the sense of the group that Action Teams need to evolve for some time before we can start solidifying their form and process. It’s also the feeling of the group that Action Teams are temporary expedients, as nuclei for future Working Groups.

5) Announcements, TPA-related: Green Party hosted a movie, “The 1%” on Thursday.

6) Announcements, Transition Network-related: None
7) Appreciations: to Kaitlan for arranging the meeting space!
8) Approval of 25th July meeting notes — Deferred
9) Approval of 8th August meeting notes – Approved

Meeting adjourned, 5:45pm

Initiating Group meeting, 8 August 2012


Location: Olympic Medical Center Cafe

Snacks: Cafe Food
Facilitator: Kaitlan
Note Taker:
Feelings Watcher:

1. Check-In

2. Announcements, TPA-related

3. Announcements, Transition Network-related

4. Appreciations

5. Approval of 25th July 2012 meeting notes

6. Approval of 1 August 2012 meeting notes

7. Agenda Review

8. Ongoing conversations

a. August 6th event review

a. Adding new members to the IG

b. Care & feeding of helpers & supporters

c. August 13 event and Charter update

d. First Federal demutualization discussion

8. Action Items Review

9. New Business

a. Upcoming events?

10. Next meeting

11. Take-aways & next steps

12. Evaluation

13. Adjourn




OMC Cafe

Meeting started at 4:45

Present: Nelson, Diana, Hank (late), Neil, Lori, Kaitlan, Andrew. Guests: Tracey, Ed, Adrian.

Facilitator: Kaitlan
Notetaker: Neil
Scribe: Andrew (on a notebook)
Feelings Monitor: Diana
Time Keeper: Andrew
1. Check in.

2. Announcements TPA related: There is a guy coming to an upcoming Green Party event to talk about the State Bank concept.

3. General Transition announcements: not really.

4. Vast appreciation for Nelson’s excellent notes.

5. The approval for 7-25 notes was deferred; notes for 8-1 approved.

6. Agenda addition: logistics for August retreat/work session.

7a.Post-mortem on 8-6 event: The event was generally good and well executed, but with room for improvement.
Suggested to have more frequent email announcments, and closer to the event.

b. In regards to adding new members to IG, it was suggested to invite people to help with the DTFs. And celebrating their participation.
The inviting part will be incorporated into the 8-13 event.

c. August 13 event. The big charter draft witll be up on the walls. Diana will MC. Introduce the BOLT (Best Of Last Time) tradition in order to review the
previous event. Movie “Transition 2.0”. After the break, room will be partially split between charter room & room with tables for DTFs and conversation. Snacks will be a repeat of 8-6. At the end, a BOTT (Best Of This Time) tradition will be launched.

d. In regards to the First Federal Demutualization issue, it was decided to form a “action team” having a longer life than a DTF and not quite yet a working group to handle the many good ideas to deal with this. Neil & Diana will try to get something started at the 8-13 event.

(At 8:00 PM the meeting fell into some dissary when the OMC Cafe was closed. The meeting restarted standing on the sidewalk outside.)

8. Action Item Review – deferred.

9a. New Business: upcoming event: Movie “Power of Community” & charter presentation/dtfs/social
b. logistics for August retreat/worksession deferred

10. Next meeting: Wednesday 8-15 time (earlier would help out those wanting to attend Farmers Market meeting) and public place to be determined. Diana’s as a back-up. Kaitlan facilitates.

11. Take aways were not done because of the standing up issue.

12. Evaluations: OMC not so good. Wonderful, energizing to have guests. Good to explain process to persons unfamiliar.

13. Meeting ended at 8:30.

Initiating Group meeting, 1 August 2012


Facilitator: Neil
Note-Taker: Nelson
Feelings Watcher: Kaitlan
Timekeeper: Andrew
Scribe: Andrew

1. Check-in
2. Announcements, TPA-related
3. Announcements, Transition Network-related
4. Appreciations
5. Approval of 25 July 2012 meeting notes
6. Agenda Review

7. Ongoing Conversations
a) Cohesion of Initiating Group
b) Adding members to the IG
c) Care & feeding of helpers & supporters
d) August 6 event
e) August 13 event
f) Charter
g) Library project
h) Application process

8. Action Items Review
9. New Business
10. Next meeting
11. Take-aways & next steps
12. Evaluation
13. Adjourn
14. Social & Clean-Up


Present: Nelson, Diana, Hank, Neil, Kaitlan and Andrew.

Facilitator: Neil
Notetaker: Nelson
Scribe: Andrew
Feelings Watcher: Kaitlan
Time Keeper: Neil

1) Check in: All survived a relatively un-eventful week.

2) Announcements; TPA Related; Hank announced the Port Angeles Community Garden Group will hold a meeting at the Barhop on Laurel St. on Thursday, August 2nd, from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM Topic will be “FOOD”. Several group members heard that a new group is forming which more or less duplicates the Transition model. It was suggested we contact them and make them aware of our movement. Hank said he would check on the situation.

3) Announcements; TT Network Related: None.

4) Appreciations; Andrew expressed appreciation and all concurred, for Diana’s work to finalize the Dispute Resolution and Reconciliation section of the Charter.

5) Approval of Notes; Deferred.

6) Agenda Reveiw; Add to Section 7. Item g.Update on Library Events, Item h. Hank give update on Farmer’s Market Board and item i) Application for certification.

7) Ongoing Conversations

a. Cohesion of Initiating Group; Neil not clear on Sissi’s status. It was decided not to put her name on the IG roster until her status is clarified. Neil asked if all the persons listed on the website are members of the Initiating Group. Helen is on leave and Sissi is still welcome to participate if she wishes. It was agreed by consensus that we are the ‘official’ Initiating Group.

b) Adding Members; Andrew suggested we hold our meetings in a more public place to draw in new members. Diana suggested the Olympic Medical Center Cafeteria. On Tuesday they serve Nash’s produce. It was suggested we show our Charter to Annie Lafritz and get her reaction. It is hoped that we recruit new members at our August events.

c) Helpers and supporters; Neil contacted Kevin about starting an alternate business association. Will follow up on that.

d) August 6th Event; Discussion of format. Setup 12 tables. Participants make list of issues. Have comments on each issue. Each table develope their own interest. Make reference to DOT Survey as indicator of interest levels.

e) August 13th Event; Signup groups. Hank said we need to create working groups toolkit. We also need to thoroughly acquaint them with the Transition Movement. We need a clear and concise list of the top 12 issues at each table.
We also need a big press release with the top 12 issues outlining the top 12 issues. Neil seconded Hank’s proposal to have a toolkit for the groups. Agreed by consensus.

Disappearing Taskforce formed conssisting of Hank, Neil, Kaitlan and Andrew. Schedule of meeting discussed.

DOT Process Topics MC – Andrew
General MC – Diana
Working Groups MC – Hank or Neil(?)
The IG will sit in front, we will do introductions. Members will have name tags.
Diana will conduct a Q & A at the end for a wrap-up.

Andrew will, at an appropriate time, make a statement about the delay and why we are what we are. He will also ask for new and future members.

Snacks discussed. Fruit and veggie trays get so-so response. Chocolate items always good; brownies, toll house cookies, etc. Pretzels and chips with dip would work. We will check with local food stores and restaurants for donations – New Day, Good-To-Go, and so on. Kaitlan said we should know by Friday. We cannot actively solicit donations but we can put out a donation jar. We need to setup at 6:30 PM and start at 7 PM. Hank will check with Library on equipment reservations. Hank presented meeting schedule for futher comments. No significant comments.

Tables should be labeled with visable signs. We will have blank name tags that attendees will fillout themselves. We should go online and check “Like” on August events.

f) Charter – Group discussion with Andrew leading and describing the structure of Charter. Charter consists of eight independent parts linked in a circular concept. The Charter is made whole by the Charter Formation document. This concept was adopted by consensus after lengthy discussion.

g) Library Project Update – Hank said the resources are available to form a Transition Port Angeles Collection. We need a DTF to work with the Library to get it done. Neil, Nelson and Hank appointed to DTF to meet Sunday at 1:00 PM. Also Hank said Library wants us to make a commitment to dates and times we want to reserve the Library in the future. We should make a decision before next meeting.

h) Farmer’s Market Board – Hank said for all intents and puposes he is the only remaining member of a committee to restructure the Farmers’ Market. Future uncertain.

i) Formal Application. Charter ready when Diana is done with Dispute and Reconciliation section we need to send our application for certification. We each need short biography.

8) Action Item Review — Defer/Table.

9) New Business.
a) We need to make some decisions on use of Library.
b) The area needs a Community Center for organizations like ours. A place to meet and socialize.
c) Future Meetings – Open Topic Meetings, show videos, have speakers. The first Monday of the month may work. At the August 16th event we can announce the showing of “Crisis of Civilization” on the first Monday of September or we get a speaker on State Banks and the situation with First Federal Bank going public.

Next meeting; Wednesday, August 8th at 4:30 PM at the OMC Cafeteria. Kaitlan will facilitate.

Respectfully Submitted, Nelson Cone, Notetaker

Initiating Group meeting, 25 July 2012


Agenda for July 25, 2012

Facilitator: Diana
Scribe: Nelson
Note-taker: Andrew
Time-keeper: Neil
Feelings Watcher: Lori

1. Check-in
2. Announcements, Transition PA-related
3. Announcements, Transition Network-related
4. Appreciations
5. Approval of 11 July 2012 meeting notes
6. Agenda review
7. Deferred items

a) Taking ownership of
b) Preview In Transition 2.0

8. Ongoing conversations

a) Review of conversation with Jim Williams
b) Cohesion of Initiating Group
c) Adding members to the Initiating Group
d) Care and feeding of Helpers & Supporters

9. Action Items review
10. New Business

a) Transition PA FB Page
-) Next meeting date, time, location
-) Next meeting facilitator, other roles as needed, and snack plan

11. Take-Aways & Next Steps
12. Evaluation
13. Adjourn
14. Social & Cleanup


Transition Port Angeles
Initiating Group
25 July 2012 meeting notes

Present: Nelson, Diana, Andrew, Hank, Neil, Lori

2) Announcements, TPA-related

Discussed the Disappearing Task Force which went to see ‘Fixing the Future’ movie on Bainbridge Island. Definitely worthing bringing the movie to Port Angeles.

Sadly, not much networking was possible, due to problems with event organisation. The event needed more room, to which it didn’t have access. Many booths were not staffed, and the space was too small to allow for breakout discussion groups to form.

However, a lot of talent is availabile within Sustainable Bainbridge; many people can be approached for lots of things. A lot of literature and information was taken away from the event by the DTF. Diana is the custodian thereof.

Generally, it’s our sense that there are many different networks of talent with which we can collaborate!

3) Announcements, Transition Network-related


4) Appreciations:

— to Diana for opening her home up to the group;
— to Lori on her return;
— for the new Country Aire;
— for the Central Market in Poulsbo;
— for the draft Iceland Constitution, which brought many new and exciting things to the table for the Charter

Diversion here to talk about soap nuts. Diana uses them; about 2-3 nuts last for 10-20 loads of laundry. They are available at Country Aire.

5) Approval of 11 July meeting notes


7a) Deferred items – taking ownership of

We have decided to not purchase rights to the website. It’s our feeling that we have no use for it.

7b) Deferred items – Preview of In Transition 2.0

Reviewed the movie, it was excellent. Demonstrated how the Transition model works even in disasters (eg Fukishima and Christchurch).

8a) Ongoing conversations – Review of conversation with Jim Williams

Went over the gist of the conversation. We agree that an alternate business network is very much needed for Port Angeles. Discussed at length the present layout of PA business networks, including PABA, Downtown Association, PA Cham.

Generally, we feel that the conversation was incredibly useful, and gave us a wealth of information. Jim himself is a vital person to have at the table.

8b) Ongoing conversations – Cohesion of Initating Group

Deferred for purposes of planning August movie events.

8c) Ongoing conversations – Adding members to the Initiating Group

Deferred for purposes of planning August movie events.

8d) Ongoing conversations — Care and feeding of helpers & supporters

Deferred for purposes of planning August movie events.

8e) Ongoing conversations – Charter

Very long discussion about the length of the Charter and possible structural changes. Ultimately we decided to devote the upcoming work session to the Charter, with the aim of having it ready for public editing on the 6th August event.

9) Action Items Review

New form of review, simple status report. Any items needing discussion pulled out into New Business. Appreciations to Lori for thinking of this new approach!

10a) New business – Work session

Work session will be focused exclusively on the Charter.
Facilitator – Andrew
Location: Hank’s office’s hallway.

10b) New business – August movie events

Sign-in sheets will be table based, instead of one right at the door. Further planning deferred until next business meeting.

10c) New business – Issue with TPA Facebook page

The structure of the page keeps TPA posts separate from member posts. This is unacceptable, and creates a sense of separation. We do not like this one bit. Will attempt to solve the issue, and get both TPA and member posts commingled into one timeline.

10d) New business – next meeting
Facilitator – Neil
Location: Diana’s residence

Initiating Group meeting, 11 July 2012


Facilitator: Andrew
Scribe: Hank
Timekeeper: Neil
Feelings Watcher: Nelson

1. Check-in
2. Announcements, Transition PA-related
3. Announcements, Transition Network-related
4. Appreciations
5. Approval of 27 June 2012 meeting notes
6. Agenda Review
7. Deferred Items

8. Ongoing Conversations
a) Cohesion of Initiating Groug
b) Conversation with Jim Williams about BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies)
c) Review of Making the Shift from Initiating Group to New Core Team tele-event/long-term visioning
d) Adding members to the Initiating Group
e) Care and feeding of Helpers & Supporters

9. Action Items Review
a) Review of spreadsheet
b) Review of Action Items

10. New Business
a) Hat-based assignment for editing old Notes on the website
b) Planning for Transition PA branding
c) Taking ownership of
d) Next meeting date, time, location
e) Next meeting facilitator, other roles as needed, and snack plan

11. Take-Aways & Next Steps
12. Evaluation
13. Adjourn
14. Social & Cleanup



Nelson Cone
Andrew McInnes
Diana Somerville
Neil Paynter
Hank Gibson

Guests: Jim Williams, Sissi Bruch

 1) Check-In

 2) TPA Related announcements: None

 3) Transition US Related Announcements:

A couple of education/training events are coming up:

— Mark Lakeman event in California

— Other event unspecified, including various Transition US tele-events

4) Appreciations:

— Lori’s “Action List” is GREAT!

— Diana is feeling much better and is back with the group!

 5) Approval of June 27th minutes: Reviewed; consensus approval.
 6) Agenda Review: Consensus approval
 7) Deferred Items: None

8) Ongoing Conversations

 a) Cohesion of Initiating Group


— Would like to participate as much as possible

— Is working on “top-down” reform/support on the policy side

— Following Clea Rome’s WSU outreach plan, connect various groups together

Discussion of Clea Rome’s Fall Event: “Community Potluck”

Discussion of possibility for a Transition PA Fall Event

Conversation re: combining both events into one larger event

b) Conversation with Jim Williams about BALLE and relocalized economies

— BALLE – Based in San Francisco; the biggest business-relocalization organization in the US, but is struggling in some ways

— AMIBA – Based in Montana

— “Price—Selection—Convenience”

— “How many people doing trade?”

— Maker Movement


— “OPEN” – Network focused on Inventors, lacks funding

— What Comes After Money (book by Pinchbeck/Jordan)

— Sacred Economics (book by Eisenstein)

— Michael Shuman: TINA versus LOIS

TINA (“There Is No Alternative”) ~versus~

LOIS (“Local Ownership and Import Substitution”),

Note: so much information was flowing at this point, it was difficult to capture it all.

c) Review of making the Shift from Initiating Group to New Core Team tele-event/long-term visioning + Teens and Transition tele-event

— Reviewed these two events for the benefit of Nelson & Diana

d) Adding members to the Initiating Group

— Discussion about expanding diversity in IG membership

e) Care and feeding of Helpers and Supporters

TPA is seeking a “Social Director”

— People person

— IG member, or a strong supporter of TPA

— Consider recruiting at August 6th public event

— Discuss further at next TPA meeting 7-18-12

9) Action Items Review

a) Consensus opinion: It’s Wonderful!!

b) Item 3 – Neil would like to suggest a revision:

At the demise of the IG, members of the IG should be disallowed from the role of a working group “Representative”, or as liaison to the Steering Committee or the Core Group”

Lori needs someone to replace her as the responsible person for contacting meeting and event venues and making reservations. Hank volunteered to take on that responsibility, and will contact the Library on 7-12-12 to make arrangements for the public events on 8-6-12 and 8-13-12. Andrew will send Hank the pertinent information to complete the task.

10) New Business

a) Hat-based assignment for editing old Notes on the website

Results: Hank April 23 + June 23

Nelson June 13

Diana May 14 + June 20

Neil May 7 + June 4

Andrew May 2 + June 27

b) Planning for TPA Branding

Discussion of possible skilled persons to consider

Agreement that a unifying look and content is essential

Diana & Hank formed a task force to work on this project

 c) Taking ownership of

— Discussed and deferred to next meeting

 d) Preview of Transition 2.0 (courtesy Hank)

— Deferred to next meeting

 e) Next meeting date, time, location

— July 18th , Diana’s house , 4:30 pm

 f) Roles for next meeting:

Facilitator: Diana
Scribe: Hank
Timekeeper: Nelson
Notetaker: Kaitlan or TBD
Feelings Watcher: TBD

 Food: Potluck

11) Take-Aways & Next Steps
12) Evaluation
13) Adjourn
14) Social & Cleanup