Charter Formation

Charter Formation

This Document

This is the formation document for the Charter of Transition Port Angeles, a Transition Initiative focused on Port Angeles, Washington. The document’s function is to create the Charter by referencing the several governing documents listed below, and forming them into a coherent whole.


The constituent governing documents of the Charter are severable. One governing document may be revised without involving any of the others. Should a governing document be removed in its entirety, or if a new document should be added, a new formation document will need to be signed to include these changes into the Charter.

           Spirit of the Charter

The Charter is written according to the guidelines and spirit established by the Transition movement. Through its constituent documents, the signing members of the Initiating Group have attempted to provide a broad guide for Transition Port Angeles, its principles, its form, and its future.

In no way should the Charter be seen as limiting the spontaneous unfolding of group genius from Transition Port Angeles. Where the Charter does define limits, the intent of such limits is to provide an environment suited to nurturing the genius of groups and the elaboration of consensus-based process. As a garden needs gentle limits so that its produce may thrive, so it is with groups and movements.

           Future Revision

We – the signing Initiating Group members – anticipate these constituent documents of the Charter will be revisited in the future, especially by the Core Group. We welcome these future revisits, with the expectation that they will be made in good faith and by consensus. We have helped facilitate the Charter through the gradual building of consensus, through collaboration with the Port Angeles community, and through the power of crowdsourcing. The Charter should only be altered through a similar, consensus-building process, in keeping with its spirit.

           Responsible Group

The responsible group for managing the Charter will be the Initiating, Steering, or Core Group, whichever is in existence. The creation and signing of new formation documents, as well as changes to the constituent documents of the Charter, rest in the hands these groups. Further information on these groups can be found in their appropriate governing documents.

Constituent Governing Documents

The constituent governing documents of the Charter of Transition Port Angeles are as follows:

           The Path of Transition Port Angeles
           Fundamental Principles of Human Rights and Freedoms
           Operating Principles of Transition Port Angeles
           Transition Port Angeles Conflict Resolution Methodology
           Initiating Group Form, Process, and Demise
           Steering Group Form, Process, and Demise
           Core Group Form and Process
           Working Groups Form and Process
           Friends of Transition Port Angeles Governing Document

Appreciations for the Charter

We have built upon the labor of many in the creation of the Charter, and it is our hope to give something back in turn. Both the letter and the spirit of the Charter would not have been possible without the following movements, organizations, institutions, and peoples, and for them we hold a deep and lasting gratitude:

Transition Keene
Transition Town Letchworth
Transition Town Media
Transition PDX
Transition Sebastopol
Transition United States
Transition Network
Occupy PDX
The People of, and the Crown in Right of Québec
The People of Iceland
The Citizens of Port Angeles
Everyone who read, analyzed, critiqued, and otherwise contributed to the evolution of these documents.

Affirmation of this Document

In the spirit of the future we wish to facilitate, we affirm our whole-hearted support of the Charter and of Transition Port Angeles by our signatures on this formation document:


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