Steering Group Form, Process, and Demise

Steering Group Form, Process, and Demise

This Document

This governing document defines the form, process, and demise of the Steering Group. Because the Steering Group has not yet begun to coalesce, we – the Initiating Group* – do not want to over-engineer something, rather than allowing it to arise naturally and at its own pace.

*The Initiating Group is discussed in the governing document Initiating Group Form, Process, and Demise.

Conceptually, the Steering Group is the pupal stage of the transition between the caterpillar (the Initiating Group) and the butterfly (the Core Group*). Within this pupal stage, the nature of the butterfly will slowly emerge. However, the form which the Steering Group utilizes must be in keeping with the spirit of the Charter and the Transition process.

*The Core Group is discussed in the governing document Core Group Form and Process.

We expect this document to be heavily revised after the Steering Group has formed.


The mission of the Steering Group is relatively simple. It must evolve as quickly as possible into the Core Group, while not neglecting its duty to keep the Initiative’s forward momentum growing.

The Steering Group must ensure the Great Unleashing takes place – the large public event to generate enthusiastic participation in Working Groups* and their emergent projects. This is only a concern if the Great Unleashing did not occur under the tenure of the Initiating Group.

*Working Groups are defined in the governing document Working Groups Form and Process.

The Steering Group’s mission is complete when it evolves into the Core Group.


As Transition Port Angeles grows beyond the initial Working Groups which helped create the Steering Group, as detailed in the governing document Initiating Group Form, Process, and Demise, more and more representatives from new Working Groups will join the Steering Group. Remaining members from the old Initiating Group will increasingly become the minority. The Steering Group will evolve its own dynamics as the new representatives learn by doing, and steer the Initiative in different directions. As this process continues, it is expected that old Initiating Group members will step aside with humility and appreciation.

Once the last member from the old Initiating Group has stepped aside, the Steering Group has evolved into the Core Group.

Upon dissolution, control over all the Steering Group’s information sharing platforms will be transferred to the Core Group. This includes but is not limited to providing passwords, email lists, account access, and editorial control. These sharing platforms are discussed in the governing document The Path of Transition Port Angeles.


Working Groups are trusted to make the best possible choice of a representative. Their chosen representatives automatically join the Steering Group.

Members of the former Initiating Group are explicitly prohibited from becoming Working Group representatives for one year after they step down from their original roles. This is done to ensure that the Initiative comes into its own, and prevent attempts to establish entrenched leadership.

Sudden turnovers of large numbers of representatives seriously strain positive group dynamics and mutual trust. How best to avoid this is up to the Steering Group and constituent Working Groups.

Affirmation of this Document

In the spirit of the future we wish to facilitate, we affirm our whole-hearted support of this constituent governing document of the Charter of Transition Port Angeles by our signatures:


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