The Initiating Group

The Initiating Group is an integral step of all Transition Initiatives and has a very broad mission:

–help people understand the challenges we all face;
–build public awareness of the Initiative and Transition model; –gather together the people who will take Transition Port Angeles forward in the future;
–get Transition PA officially recognized by the international Transition movement; and
–put itself out of a job.

You can read the details here.

The Initiating Group of Transition Port Angeles are, in no particular order:

Hank Gibson
Nelson Cone
Kaitlan Cargo
Andrew McInnes
Neil Paynter
Jane & Peter Vanderhoof

Bios of everyone are forthcoming!


One thought on “The Initiating Group

  1. Hi IG. What’s w/ the need for community garden in PA? Where is the one on 16th that is being sold? I might buy a house/prop in PA so …..
    It’s good to be back from CA…Jane Vanderhoof

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